Sükrüye Yangin Hayrati
Mahmud Sami Yangin, who is not satisfied with successes only in the field of Textile and who is a good citizen loving his country, deemed himself obliged to serve to his country that gave him the opportunity of establishing two wonderful facilities and constructed one school in 3 separate districts and a mosque together with a school in a district, within the borders of Kayseri province where the plants are located. Thus, he assisted his government in having the new generations receive better education. This act of him has always been awarded by the State authorities.

Özvatan Duran Yangin Imamhatip Lisesi

M. Sami Yangin Ilkögretim Okulu

M. Sami Yangin Kapali Spor Salonu

M. Sami Yangin Anadolu Lisesi
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