Sayyün Textile
1998 yilinda faaliyete geçen, çok yeni ve modern bir tesis olan Sayyün Tekstil A.S. Özellikle Triko ve Çorap sektöründeki müsterilerine mümkün olan en iyi kalitede kamgarn iplik saglamaktadir.
Ayrica kendi bünyesinde bulunan dokuma tezgahlari ve dokuma sektöründeki müsterileri için dokuma ipligi üretmektedir.
Yüksek kalite ön planda bulundurularak titizlikle imal edilen mamuller, Sayyün Tekstil A.S. nin sektördeki ileri gelen yerini çok büyük bir hizla kazanmasini sağlamistir

Sayyun Textile Inc., which started doing business in 1998 and which is a very new and modern plant, supplies worsted yarn with the possible best quality to its customers especially in the Tricot and Socks sector.
Moreover, with the weaving workbenches under its own structure, it produces weaving thread for its customers in the weaving sector.

Finished products that are manufactured carefully, giving primary importance to high quality, have made Sayyun Textile rapidly acquire its leading position in the sector
Sayyun Textile Inc., which has the opportunity of producing Elastan thread with its advanced technology spinning machines it holds in its plants, also meets the spinning requirement of the brother company Saygin Textile Inc.
About 10.000 kg folded thread is manufactured daily in the 6.144-spindle capacity spinning plant and 3.120-spindle of this capacity bears the characteristic of TFO and the section that is equipped as to operate with elastan and that has 3024-spindle capacity makes production as Elastotwister.
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Sayyun Textile Inc., which has undertaken the mission of offering different opportunities to its customers, realizes daily 3.000 kg Hang Died thread production benefiting from the advantage of having a dye house under its structure that provides great opportunities.
The dye house under the body of Sayyun Textile Inc., which is multi-purposed and equipped with today's required technology, meets the Tow, Tops, Hank and Bobbin dye requirements and also gives opportunity to the Brother Company Saygýn Textile Inc. of meeting its Dyed Fiber requirement.
It makes daily 3.000 kg Hank Dye production and daily 10.000 kg Tow, Tops, Bobbin or Fiber dye production.