Saygin Textile
SAYGIN TEXTILE, which owns a new and latest technology machine park, has adopted the principle of processing good quality raw materials in good quality workbenches and enhancing the customer satisfaction and has continuously renewed its machine park from the day it was established.
Saygin Textile Inc. pays great attention to the satisfaction of its customers, with its laboratory technical staff, machinery and systems that perform quality control thoroughly at each phase of production. It continues its struggle with its first day's enthusiasm to remain the leader in its sector also in the future, with the confidence it gained in 15 years that it spent with production, never giving up sensitivity in the issue of quality.
SAYGIN TEXTILE INC., which introduced Mélange Thread production to the Turkish Textile Sector and which has targeted to be the best, is not satisfied with being the first, it also realizes CORE YARN production under its structure.
SAYGIN TEXTILE, having adopted making production carefully and sensitively as a principle, bears this as a responsibility for its customers and never makes concession from this principle.
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