SAYGIN TEXTILE TRADE AND INDUSTRY INC. (SAYGIN TEKSTIL TIC. VE SAN. A.S.), which was established in 1981 by Mahmud Sami Yangin with the aim of performing thread wholesale to the Tricot and weaving sectors, started ring thread production in 1987.
SAYGIN TEXTILE TRADE AND INDUSTRY INC., the capacity of which is 35.000 spindles today, is one of the leading thread manufacturers of Turkey with its daily thread production of 15.000 kg. and its certified quality.
In 1998, SAYGIN TEXTILE leaded the foundation of SAYYUN TEXTILE TRADE AND INDUSTRY INC. (SAYYUN TEKSTIL TIC. VE SAN. A.S.) that makes worsted yarn production. SAYYUN TEXTILE, which started doing business in 1998 as an integrated plant, took its place in high ranks in the sector in a short period of time just like SAYGIN TEXTILE. SAYYUN TEXTILE, which activated its weaving department in 2001, continues to progress every single day.
Ahmet Turan YANGIN and Fatih Mehmet YANGIN brothers, who have targeted to achieve success in the Textile sector like their father Mahmud Sami, having finished the Mahmud Sami Yangýn Anatolian High School, which is one of the 3 schools that their father has made our country gain, graduated from the Fashion Marketing and Business Administration departments in the American Intercontinental University in the USA. Afterward, they returned to their country and they still make great efforts to have the both firms progress day by day. The 3rd generation follows up their elders, conscious of the responsibility they will bear in the future.
SAYGIN and SAYYUN TEXTILE firms will continue to promote their position in the sector day by day, together with their hundreds of distinguished customers throughout the world and their 600 employees, having adopted the saying "To have the 'Total Quality' conscious assumed by every units including the lowest ones, to offer production to the customers in an even more perfect, rapid and economical manner than requested, and not to use the word SUFFICIENT in quality. (M. Sami Yangýn)" as the firm principle.
Short History
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