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Saygin and Sayyun Textile, established in the Kayseri Organized Industrial Region, employs 650 persons on a total area of 100.000 m2, 34.000 m2 of which is covered.
Saygin Textile Inc., which manufactures ring thread from cut fibers, produces daily 15.000 kg ring thread with the 35.000 spindle capacity that it has attained and Sayyun Textile Inc., which is a worsted yarn plant, realizes daily 8.000 kg thread production with its 8.000 spindle capacity.
Sayyun Textile Inc. meets the requirements of both enterprise with the Dye house and spinning plants located under its body. Daily 15.000 m fabric is manufactured using the threads produced by the both firm in the weaving plant under Sayyun Textile Inc.
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